The library of the faculty is one of the administrations which belongs to the faculty’s vice dean for postgraduate studies and researches, whoever administrate the library must have a corresponding university degree, satisfy the requirements and nature of the job, and who he’s got expertise is preferred.

The library administrator manages the following tasks:

  • Technical and administrating supervision on the library’s staff.
  • Participate and cooperate with the library’s staff to set a policy and a plan to provide a quality library service.
  • Expressing opinions when equipping the library to develop the holdings.
  • Supervising the examination and adding all the holdings, conducting the technical preparation of sources of information, classifying and indexing it by using classification plans and indexing rules.
  • Forming the annual inventory commission and approve this formation from the faculty’s dean.
  • Technical supervision on the annual inventory of the library and present the record of the inventory results to the general administration of libraries to approve it from the faculty’s dean.