Admission conditions:


1-The student must have bachelor’s in law with(good) grade at least from one of Egyptian Universities or equivalent university or scientific institute in Egypt or outside it acknowledged by the Supreme University council, and not required (good)grade for foreigner students.

2- the student must have not been dismissed before from the graduate studies or student enrollment must have not been canceled because of failure or another reason.

3- student must be excellent in English when registering the thesis noted in item No. (2) of the article No. (31) in this regulation.

4- the student must meet the other conditions (If they are available) which the University creates according the suggestion of the faculty council.

  • The faculty council defines the number of admitted students in the master stage, according to the decision of the graduate studies and research council, and the scale of preference among students who get grade(good) in the master is according their graduation’s points or GPA.
  • According to what came in the previous term, it is not allowed to accept students their percent exceeds 1:40 for each member of the teaching staff in the scientific department related to master’s major.
  • Students’ admission occurs twice in the academic year, in October and in March.

The student who dropped the study or withdrew is allowed to ask for readmission if the primary conditions were met, and the readmission will be accepted by the normal procedures of the admission and the student owns his/her academic transcript and continuing study for three years as maximum, and on readmission, the GPA must not be under (2/4).


1-the enrollment will be canceled by a decision of faculty council, according to a suggestion of the graduate studies and research in the following cases:

A-If the student withdraws from all courses in the first semester of his/her study.

B-If the student fails any obligatory course twice.

C-If the student gets three times less than (2/4) in the one semester.

D-If the student does not get the minimum GPA (2/4) on the third warning.

E-If the student exceeds the maximum number of the stipulated academic semesters or exceeding the assessed duration of the postponement which is two academic semesters in succession or separately.

F-If the student commits a breach and it is required to dismiss the student according to the laws and the regulations of the University.

2-It’s not allowed to the student who has been canceled his/her enrollment to be enrolled again unless the dismissal is because of the low GPA, then the faculty council will allow the student to study no more than 6 approved hours aiming to raise the GPA on the following conditions:

A-the student’s average must be under (2/4).

B-the courses which student has failed must be repeated, or his /her GPA at these courses is under (2/4) and studying the courses which the student has not studied yet.