The faculty contains the following departments

  1. Civil law: includes civil law specialties, personal statues code for non-Muslims, labor relations and social insurances.

  2. Criminal law: includes specialties of penal code and criminal proceedings, criminology and penitentiary science.

  3. Commercial law: includes specialties of commercial law, maritime code and air code.

  4. Public international law: includes specialties of Public international law, international organizations and international human rights law.

  5. Private international law: includes specialties of nationality and statues of foreigners, conflicts of law and international jurisdiction, private international arbitration, and international contracts.

  6. Islamic law: includes specialties of introduction to Islamic jurisprudence, family law, inheritance, wills and endowments laws, Islamic jurisprudence.

  7. Code of civil and commercial procedures: includes specialties of judicial organization and competence, litigation, jurisprudence, forcible execution, arbitration, and alternative civil and commercial dispute resolution.

  8. Public law: includes specialties of constitutional law and political systems, administrative law, administrative jurisdiction, and public administration.

  9. Philosophy and history of law: includes specialties of history of legal and social systems. And philosophy of law.

  10. Economy and public finance: includes specialties of A) macroeconomics and microeconomics, money and banks, international and commercial relations, public finance and tax legislation.

       B) The previously mentioned scientific departments manage the updates of the academic curriculums’ description which is a part of its specialties, and periodically revise it according to the local and comparative legislative and procedural advances in conformity with the requirements and standards of quality assurance of education and accreditation.