Information technology unit.
The unit provides a unique service for faculties in information technology in addition to increasing the efficiency of the university’s projects:
  • Electronic portal.
  • Information and communication network.
  • Management information system (MIS).
Activities and goals:
  • Upgrade and improve the internal information network of the faculty.
  • Upgrade and update the faculty’s infrastructure.
  • Legalize using operating systems and software and protecting computers from viruses.
  • Working on developing education process throughout support interaction between students and teaching staff.
  •  Using university E-mail in all administrative transactions and contacting with students.
  • Using the official website of the faculty to contact all the parties concerned.
  • Apply electronic transactions instead of paper
  • Increase the efficiency of the digital library and utilize its various services for researchers and students.
  • Update the activities and data of teaching staff members by upload their résumés on the faculty’s website.
  • Highlight the role of the faculty in improving scientific research through social media website.

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