Admission conditions:

The scholar of any professional diplomas is required to:

  1. Has a bachelor or license degree from one of the Egyptian universities a recognized equivalent from one of foreign universities.
  2. The scholar’s bachelor’s degree has to be relevant to the curriculums of the diploma to be equipped to continue studying specially in the fields of commerce,finance,economy,engineering,air,maritime,and road transport,law,sports,medicine,pharmacy,and pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry.



Required documents:

  • The original certificate of bachelor’s degree.
  • The original report of grades.
  • Employer approval or a non-employee declaration.
  • The original birth certificate
  • A copy of national ID card.
  • 6 personal photos.
  • Capsule portfolio.


Study system:

The system of study is based on accredited hours system.


Exam’s style:

  1. The exam’s system is based on measuring the ability of the scholar to link the basic concepts and knowledge that have been acquired and how to use it in solving practical problems an addition to a written exam for each curriculum.
  2. Grades, failure rules, and the provisions of the faculty’s internal regulation are applied on the exam’s system.