The student is allowed to withdraw from a course or more during the first week of the semester and it is not registered in the student record, and also is allowed to withdraw during the second week to the eighth week of the semester according to a special form, with word (withdrawer) in student’s academic record.

2-faculty council may agree on student withdrawing from all the courses he has registered at least two weeks before the final exams according to the convincing reasons considering the graduate studies and research committee’s opinion. The student is considered temporarily deferred if he/she does not exceed the permitted duration of the deferment, according to the article No. (21) in this regulation.

3- faculty council may approve on student withdrawing at least two weeks before the exams time, according to the convincing reasons, and it’s not allowed to the student whose GPA is less than (2/4) to reregister again.

4- if the student drops out two semesters in succession or separated, he is considered a withdrawer from the study and he is not allowed to reregister without the approval of faculty council, according to the suggestion of graduate studies and research committee.