Conditions of forming student communities:

  • The community members have to be from all batches of the faculty.
  • The community mustn’t base on a sectarian basis.
  • Members of the community shall not be less than 30 and shall not exceed 50 students.
  • The community’s name must be in Arabic Language and has an understood meaning.
  • Consideration of Non-repetition between the communities’ names.
  • The community must include males and females students.
  • The community must not follow any political party.

 In case of violation of these rules the following actions will be taken:

  • warning.
  • Investigation in front of communities’ representatives.
  • Dissolve the community.



Those who want to form a community must send the following:

  • Curriculum vitae of the community manager and his vice.
  • Name of the community and its slogan.
  • Vision and goals of the community.

The community plan for the academic year.