By providing professional and academic postgraduate programs, the faculty seeks to become a leading institution in the Arab region and internationally in the fields of postgraduate and scientific and legal research and practical professional qualification, and how to recruit it in meeting the economic and social development needs of the state.



Accomplish distinct legal researches theoretically and practically based on the reality of community and international comparative problems .And preparing skillfully and practically qualified competences to solve the legal issues and provide the legal, and academic professional job market who are competitive internationally in dealing with contemporary legal cases, and providing counseling experience for individuals and institutions, besides cooperate with universities and higher education institutions in and outside Egypt.


Aswan faculty of law seeks to present programs of professional diploma and master’s and PhD in legal studies, and in order to achieve its vision to following goals:

  1. Providing specialized postgraduate programs in the different branches s of law to enable the scholars to develop their knowledge and experiences of the contemporary and comparative issues of the legal and judicial client.
  2. Conducting researches and advanced studies and encourage it and publish its results which leads to support and strengthen the legal and judicial knowledge and experience.
  3. Enhancing postgraduate students’ skills in preparing researches and work papers.
  4. Improve the scholars’ abilities of logical thinking and criticism and scientific argument in the legal debates and discussions, and choosing the appropriate rational solution from the alternative solutions.
  5. Inculcate the values of collective work and group work among the postgraduate students.
  6. Support the legal studies of a professional and practical nature, and provide opportunities of the continuing legal education in the different professional fields for those other than law faculties’ graduates ,in a way that improve their capacities and sustainable development for their skills.
  7. Preparing professional and academic human resources of a high level training, skillful, and competitive characteristics capable of presenting creative solutions for the various legal and judicial problems.
  8. Establish scientific relations and dual and joint degrees with the regional and international universities and research centers in the field of specialized legal studies to elevate the level of the legal higher studies.
  9. Collect the legal documents and information and the national legislation and the international agreements to benefit from them in the field of formulating the legislative policy of the state.