accredited hours system


  1. 1-after the approval of the faculty council, and according to the suggestion of the graduate studies and research committee, the student is allowed to convert some of the accredited hours that he/ she studied in a faculty, an institute affiliated to the University or another university or an educational institution is recognized by the supreme council of Universities, and they must be one of the requirements to get the degree of master and pass them, on condition that :
  2. the total of the converted hours should not exceed 50% of the total hours .
  3. B- the content of the courses required to convert its accredited hours should equal to the content of its counterparts in the faculty.
  4. 3- it should not pass more than 3 years on student passing the course required to convert.
  6. Warning
  8. The graduate studies administration gives the first warning to the student in case of falling in the GPA, except the first semester, and a second warning in the following semester, and with the third warning, student will be expelled from the master program, and the duration of the postponement is not counted among the duration of warning.