Community service and environment development sector is one of the important axes of the institutional capacity of Faculty of Law through which it can serve the internal and external community of the faculty.

It is considered one of the promising sectors that link the university as a platform for science, a source of radiation and the surrounding community.           

Accordingly, this required that this sector in the various faculties of the university be an active sector that aims to achieve the university’s goal in consolidating the relationship between it and the community parties that have a relationship with the faculty.

The sector seeks to  effective participation of all societal parties from civil society institutions in all activities and programs provided by the sector to achieve maximum rates of community participation in order to achieve what we hope for in terms of advancement and progress.

The sector also contributes to preserving the integrity of the environment by reviewing the environmental impact assessment with the aim of providing scientific and technical advice for new projects.

The sector works in closely monitoring environmental problems and finding scientific solutions to them through study and research.